Electronic Appliance Repairs | 4 Diagnostic Signs You're Living With a Sick Washing Machine

Washing machines have become integral to most homes, because no one wants to do the menial task of scrubbing clothes with their bare hands. A washing machine invokes simple luxury, as it eliminates your dirty laundry with minimal effort required from you. You'll simply need to load your clothes into the machine and let it do the rest. Like any other electrical appliance in your home, they can get damaged, and you'll need to undertake washing machine repairs. Here are some common diagnostic signs of a sick washing machine so you can make sure you call in the professional before a minor repair job becomes a major catastrophe.

The Washing Machine Won't Start

If a washing machine doesn't start, perhaps it's a problem with the timer, electrical connection or lid switch. Handling problems that are related to the control panel of the washing machine is perhaps best left to professional washing machine repair companies. You wouldn't want to get into dangerous electrical work on your own without proper technical training.

The Washing Machine Emits Deafening Noise  

If your washing machine emits deafening noises when washing your clothes, it's likely that your washing machine is off balance. You may need to re-arrange your clothes so that they are uniformly scattered throughout the washing zone of the machine. If you're unsuccessful, the problem could be with your motor mount or drum. To undertake washing machine repairs for this problem, simply call in a professional service and get them to replace the mount or drum. This should stop the excessive noise from your washing machine.

The Washing Machine Won't Spin

If the washing machine doesn't spin your clothes for drying, it could be because some clothing may be stuck around the agitator or because it is overloaded with clothes. If it isn't either of these problems, then it's likely that your machine has a defect in the lid switch, drive belt, timer or another appliance component that could impact performance. You'll need to undertake washing machine repairs immediately to prevent the problem from becoming worse.

The Washing Machine Drum Isn't Getting Filled with Water

If water doesn't fill up in your washing machine drum, it could be because of a hose kink, a delayed cycle or turned off faucets. It could also be because of a faulty water intake valve or clogged filter. Professional washing machine repairs are necessary for fixing problems like faulty valves, clogged filters and hose kinks.

Without proper training and technology, you certainly don't want to make your washing machine problems worse than they are. Use these diagnostic signs as an indication that you need professional washing machine repairs and call a local company like Tom's Refrigeration & Appliance Service

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