Top Features of a High Quality Commercial Refrigerator

There are few appliances more essential to any food industry-related business than a commercial refrigerator. This type of appliance is required to allow for optimal temperature control levels for food products that have a limited shelf life. Not having a commercial refrigerator with the necessary features can be devastating to any business. In order to meet health codes and keep food fresh, you need to know what features matter most in a commercial refrigerator that you purchase for your food-related business.

Blast Cooler

This is a type of cooling system that high quality commercial refrigerators offer. These types of commercial refrigeration systems are designed to be more powerful. This means that the temperature of foods placed within this type of refrigerator will be lowered to the optimal temperature in the shortest amount of time possible. Businesses that have to store foods that need to be cooled quickly require a commercial refrigerator with a blast cooler.

Dual Temp

This is a feature that allows for more than one temperature to be maintained at all times. Not all foods and perishable items need to be at the same temperature. If you have food items that must be kept at two separate temperate ranges, it is good to have a commercial refrigerator with dual temp capabilities.

Roller Capabilities

In most commercial settings, it is necessary for the refrigerator to be moved from time to time. No matter what the size of a commercial fridge may be, it can be beneficial to have rollers that allow it to be moved with ease. Roll-in options are preferred by most businesses, because they require less manpower to move and are designed to be the most convenient option.

Top Mounted

A top mounted commercial refrigerator will have the compressor located on the top of the unit. This is different from bottom mounted units that feature the compressor on the bottom. Having a top mounted compressor will increase the durability of the refrigerator and allows the compressor to more easily function. Most commercial refrigerators with top mounted compressors do cost more upfront, but this additional cost is worth it in the long run.

Energy Efficiency

It is also beneficial to make energy efficiency a feature that is important. It is important to consider the Energy Star rating when you are comparing commercial refrigerators and choose a model that will allow you to get access to energy savings that are substantial to offset the added cost. You can save money overtime if you choose the most energy efficient commercial refrigerator.

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