How your choice of refrigeration for your business can affect the environment

If you're an owner of a restaurant, a café or a convenience store, you're probably used to considering what environmental impact your business might have. In the world today, it's one of the most discussed subjects, regardless of area. If you're looking to further improve your business from an environmental point of view, there is one area you might want to look into to make sure your business is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Switching refrigeration as a green initiative

Proper refrigeration is of vital importance for every business involving food. Compromising your refrigeration needs is not advisable, as improperly refrigerated food could cause actual health problems for your customers. This is why it's easy to ignore the refrigeration aspect when trying to find environmentally friendly solutions for your company. The truth is that refrigerating systems can be a vital contributor to energy spending, since they have to run all day, every day. However, it's not necessary to compromise the quality of the refrigeration for it to be green.

Clean gases

The use of HFC-gases has declined drastically the last couple of years, since it was deemed to have a negative impact on the environment. It's still legal to use a certain amount of HFC-gases when creating refrigeration systems. There are now, however, options completely free from all of these gases available on the market. Hydrocarbon, for example, is a refrigerant that commercial companies are starting to use more and more when offering refrigeration services. It's a gas with a minimal global warming potential. When deciding on a new refrigeration system for your business, ask the firm about their environmental initiatives. If they can't answer or if they don't offer any, they might still be using gases that are bad for the environment.

Other environmental aspects

Another aspect to consider, when looking for the most environmentally friendly solution for your refrigerator needs, is what measures the commercial refrigeration service takes when delivering and installing to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. Companies who take their impact on the environment seriously should have some sort of agenda when it comes to preserving energy in these areas. It might just be to use fuel more environmentally friendly than gasoline in their company cars, but there should be some sort of initiative. Research the commercial refrigeration services in your area, ask them about their environmental protocol and compare different firms. That way you can choose which option suits you and the environment best.

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